Are you Locked out in Houston?

Call The Locksmith Company for locksmith services!

It happens to everyone from time to time: you lose track of your keys and leave the house without them. Or maybe you changed your alarm key yesterday and forgot to write it down. The point is: you're locked out!

Now is the time to call The Locksmith Company. Their reliable team of locksmith professionals guarantee same-day service, and no lock is strong or smart enough to keep them out for long.

The Locksmith Company has extensive experience with all kinds of security systems, including:

  • Traditional knob and bolt locks
  • Antique locks
  • Biometric Scanners (fingerprint, retina, and others)
  • Key pad access controls
  • Keycard systems

  • Do you have a type of security system not listed here? Chances are The Locksmith Company knows how to get you through it. Contact Us if you're locked out now!